Death Comes on Silver Wings – A Crooked Lake Mystery


  • Death Comes on Silver Wings
  • #8 – A Crooked Lake Mystery
  • Written by Robert W. Gregg
  • 308 pages of mystery and intrigue
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Death Comes on Silver Wings  by Robert W. Gregg

A Crooked Lake Mystery

A small pontoon plane crashes into the waters of Crooked Lake one beautiful summer morning. The pilot is dead, and the sheriff turns the case over to a federal agency that rules the pilot died of a heart attack. But the sheriff is puzzled by the strange behavior of the people mourning his death. In the course of their investigation, Carol and Kevin discover that the pilot’s medications have been mysteriously switched, that his survivors are engaged in a nasty fight over a will, and that his doctor may be guilty of malpractice. Will the killer strike again?

The author has enjoyed the sight of pontoon planes on the Finger Lakes for many years; when he was considering ideas for his eighth Crooked Lake mystery, it occurred to him that such a plane could play a pivotal role in its plot. Death Comes on Silver Wings is the result. What happens is entirely fictional, inasmuch as the author knows of nothing like it ever spoiling the beautiful summers for which the lake is noted. For that matter, he is happy to tell us that none of the murders which Carol and Kevin solve are based on real events.

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