In the Chill of the Night – A Crooked Lake Mystery


  • In the Chill of the Night
  • #7 – A Crooked Lake Mystery
  • Written by Robert W. Gregg
  • 317 pages of mystery and intrigue
  • Scroll down for “the rest of the story!”


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In the Chill of the Night  by Robert W. Gregg

A Crooked Lake Mystery

Two bitterly cold mornings in late March, two men dead on the shores of Crooked Lake. One is known to many lake residents as an unlucky loser. The other is known to no one around the lake. Are these tow murders unrelated, no more than a puzzling coincidence? Or is there a shared secret in the victims’ past which has led to their murder decades later? The sheriff’s search for the truth is violently and almost fatally interrupted, but with the timely help of her husband, this most troubling of her cases is finally solved.

Few of its residents would associate Crooked Lake with evil, yet the author once again demonstrates that even the most beautiful and tranquil of nature’s settings are not immune to murder and mayhem. It is during the colder months from November to April, when Gregg returns to his Maryland home, that he hatches the plots that keep the sheriff and her partner/husband busy. When May rolls around, however, he always heads back to his summer cottage on the lake, confident that crime will be confined to the pages of his latest book.


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